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I Am Made of Memories

for symphony orchestra

I Am Made of Memories: Image
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I AM MADE OF MEMORIES is a symphonic poem based on Madeline Miller’s 2011 re-telling of the Greek tragic tale of Achilles and Patroclus. After reading the novel for the first time in 2021 I was overcome with how deeply touched I was. Miller’s writing stayed with me for months and the book is - I would say with confidence as being – one of the best I have ever read. I was profoundly moved with how real their story felt, while blown up on a mammoth scale. In a tale surrounded by warring gods, and mythical creatures, at it’s heart was a painful tale of two lovers being ripped apart. Clouded by arrogance, pride, and vengeance Achilles loses sight of what is really important and as such, loses his beloved Patroclus in the bloodshed.

I AM MADE OF MEMORIES is my attempt at catharsis. In this symphonic poem I hope to tell the tale of this tragic love story using iconic lines from Miller’s novel. From carefree childhood days to a too-late realisation of one’s folly.

  1. Honey in the Sun

  2. Name one Hero Who Was Happy

  3. I Feel I Could Eat the World Raw

  4. To Be Left on Earth, When Another is Gone

  5. I Would Know Him in Death at the End of the World

  6. The Spear I do Not See Comes from Behind

  7. View from the Shore

  8. He Was Worth Ten of You

  9. Philtatos, Most Beloved.

  10. “Have you no Memories?” “I am Made of Memories.” “Speak, then.”

  11. Go," she says. "He waits for you."

  12. He is Half of my Soul, as the Poets Say.

  13. A Hundred Golden Urns Pouring Out of the Sun.

Below you can hear the demo of the work as and when movements are completed.

I Am Made of Memories: Compositions
I Am Made of Memories: Listen
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