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Songs of Light (2019-2020)

"These four choruses, written for Northern Ireland composer Tyler Welton-Stewart between summer 2019 and spring the following year, explore different meanings of light. The first is a memorial poem for a much loved and honoured teacher, and hints at the vast and spreading effect one good life can have so many others; the second is a celebration of spring, how each year reignites light. The third poem speaks of the way that people can be light to each other in times of deep darkness, and the forth and final poem speaks of the light in the deep of memory, a love deep in the past of an elderly poet; memory flares once more in a place where love was once present, and then fades out into the night."

Euan Tait, Cas-gwent, Gwent, Cymru, 2020.

"These songs touch upon all forms of light. From the tiniest spark, to the full majesty of the blinding sun. Written for soprano Nikki Eoute, who's voice travels like a ray of light: warm, rich, and powerful. Eoute's control of her voice, and her passion for singing was a great inspiration for the setting of the powerful words Euan gave me." - Tyler Welton-Stewart, 2020.

Scored for:

2 Flutes

2 Oboes

2 Clarinets in Bb

2 Bassoons

3 Horns in F

Soprano Solo


Strings (divis.)

Songs of Light (2019-2020): Product

Songs of Light Recording Fundraiser!

Hello everyone! Tyler here, I just wanted to mention that I would really like to work with the Northern Film Orchestra and get Songs of Light professionally recorded! This is going to be costly as there are a lot of players involved and the time and effort it will take. So underneath before you scroll down and get more information on the movements of the work, I thought I would leave a link to the GoFundMe page I have set up to anyone who might be willing to help me fund this recording! It would be greatly appreciated! If memory serves, this recording project would cost at least £4500 and so every penny, pound, or dollar would help immensely.

Songs of Light (2019-2020): Text

I. A Flare of Light

"Energies of light drive this text’s idea of each human life as a flare of light.  We all look to the future, what we will become, how love will be expressed in us and through us, a process of constant renewal of the self - hence, in the final stanza, the imagery mixes with the idea of a life as a rushing, living river, bringing life to thirsty others, then transforming into the final concept of lives culminating  together as fiery, flowing, shared power, flashes of  light in a vulnerable, fragile world.  Tyler’s extraordinary unfolding of this text, with its wonderful imaginations of instrumentation, so perfect for the text’s themes of living light and water, has such beauty in its melodic and choral textures.  It is to me a sign of the emergence of a major compositional talent.  Euan Tait, Cas-gwent, Gwent, Cymru, Mai 2020."


2. Spring Song

Spring song is a celebration of new life. Each year the Earth is bathed in the warm light of the sun. Unapologetic in its joy, the light of the spring sun blazes away the shadows of winter. Life begins again.


3. Beloved

This third song highlights the way in which people can be a source of light for those in the deepest depths of darkness. An admittance of struggle, of pain, of despair. This song invites the listener to reflect, and acknowledge one's suffering. This song serves as a safe place to recognise strife both past and present. To  appreciate those special people in our lives who are an eye of the storm. Those who provide sanctuary from a world which can be cruel, and unjust. Outside, the winds may howl, and the waves may rage, but within this eye's embrace - these people's arms - we are safe. We are loved.


4. For Ruaraidh

A song of love, of remembrance, a song of light's friendly torch. Reminding us of our most precious, deepest, memories.

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