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Songs of Light Recording Fundraiser

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Hello everyone! Tyler here, I just wanted to mention that I would really like to work with the Northern Film Orchestra and get Songs of Light professionally recorded! This is going to be costly as there are a lot of players involved and the time and effort it will take. So I thought I would leave a donation link to anyone who might be willing to help me fund this recording! It would be greatly appreciated! I can't remember the exact cost - I'm in the process of getting another estimate but it wasn't a small number and so every penny, pound, or dollar would help immensely!

I would love to see this piece of music come to life in the hands of professional musicians. While demos are a great tool, they just don't live up to the beauty of the real deal! If you would like to make a donation, just click the Songs of Light album cover below which will take you to my paypal donations page!

Much Love!

- Tyler

Donation link is below:

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